Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MTCW: Picture Of The Day...Happy Birthday Dad.


Today my dad celebrates his 65th birthday. I would just like to take this moment and say happy birthday to my dad and say thanks for everything that he has done for me and everything that he has taught me through out my life. Sometimes while growing up I didn’t realize what dad was trying to teach me nor did understand the methods he sometimes used to teach me valuable lessons in life, but now I do. The older I get the smarter my father becomes.

To me, my father has probably been one of the biggest influences in my life and is one of the greatest men to ever live, although he would never admit to it or claim such a thing on his own.

My father has always been a modest man, a man that never has a whole lot to say, but means what he says when he does have something to say and he always stands his ground. He never worried about what people thought about him he just did what he thought was right.

I remember my father always working while growing up. He worked two of the toughest jobs out there farming and construction. Even though he worked two jobs he was never too tired or to busy for me. Somehow someway he always found the time to teach me how to play baseball in the backyard, he taught me how to shoot and how to hunt, and I don’t think he ever missed one little league game. I am still not sure how he did it, but he did.

If I had to describe in one word the most important thing I watched my father do while growing up I would have to say sacrifice. He worked two jobs, and I hardly ever remember him taking a day off, but he never complained about doing it he just did it. All those years he worked both jobs he never had a new truck, we never had a new car, but we always had one that ran. We could have had a lot of nice things but my father sacrificed and did with out to make sure that we had everything that we needed and opportunities that he did not. He sacrificed his whole life to send my two brothers and myself to a private catholic school. He did it to make sure that we had the best education that money could buy. At the time, I probably didn’t understand that, and probably didn’t even care all that much, but I do now and I am forever grateful for it.

However, the most valuable lessons that I have learned in life did not come from school. They came from the way my father. They are lessons and values that can not be taught in any school and that is the value of hard work, discipline, preparation, accountability, responsibility, faith in God and character. These lessons are just as applicable now as they were to me growing up. But probably the most valuable lesson that he has taught me so far is that the world doesn't owe me a favor, and nobody is going to hand you anything in life you have to earn it. He showed me that I am always loved by him, but that I am never, ever entitled.

He also made sure that I was thankful for what I have. One quick story and I will wrap this up. I remember one time when I was whining and complaining about how things at work was going and how I didn’t like my job, I must have been 20 or 21 years old at the time and he didn’t say anything as I complained at first, then all of a sudden he just looked over at me and said be thankful that your working, a lot of guys don’t have jobs right now to complain about. That’s my dad.

Life is never about him. I mean, two jobs is what it took. It wasn’t a big deal to him. He was just doing what he had to do. He wasn't trying to impress anybody. He wasn't trying to attract attention. He was just trying to fulfill a responsibility, and he did whatever it took for his family.

Thanks Dad for everything... Hope you have a Happy Birthday you have earned it.


DittosKing said...

Your dad seems like a stand up guy. A real mans man. Something we seem to be loosing in society today.

your sorta-step-mom-in-law said...

Your Dad will now know that he did an excellent job as a father..... I'm sure he blushed when he read your story. Tony, remember this when you start your own family.
PS Don't forget that Mom also helped to make you the man you are now!!