Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oliver North Ways In On Third Anniversary of Iraq War

Here we are...the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is upon us, and Oliver North takes a look back at the initial invasion. He was there at the very beginning and shares some insight in a great must read column.

Here is just a sample of it below:

In the three years since coalition forces charged into Saddam's despotic fiefdom, it has become the norm to report stories of misfeasance, malfeasance and incompetence, rather than the good that American troops have done. An errant bomb warrants more ink and airtime than the well that was dug or the child who was rescued by a U.S. medic and nursed back to health. This is not simply a perception of imbalance -- it is reality in Iraq.

Since U.S. troops entered Iraq three years ago this week, the Iraqi people have held three nationwide elections, written and ratified a constitution and formed their first imperfect but democratically elected government. Yet, compare the number of Google or Lexis-Nexis entries for "Iraqi Elections" with the entries for "Abu Ghraib," and it is amply evident what American editors and publishers consider important news.

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