Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Former Iraqi Air force General Says: The US has won the War in Iraq, Saddam moved WMD to Syria, and Gives a Special Thanks to the Families of our Fall

We're starting to hear from more and more former military people in Iraq. They seem to be telling us that Saddam had lots of weapons of mass destruction. He also apparently smuggled them out of the country before the war began.

Well, now we have Iraqi Air force General Georges Sada in an interview given by Larry Elder claim that Saddam moved WMD to Syria. Shocking, I know.

He also says the US has won the war there:

Elder: Are we winning this war of liberation?

Sada: The war is won. Now we are trying to win the peace. . . . The new elections were a great thing . . . and the wonderful, wonderful thing is that the first time we had 88 women elected in the Parliament of Iraq. I'm not sure of the number now, but you just imagine 88 women of 275 seats in the Parliament are women -- in an Islamic Arab country in the Middle East. This is the fruit of the liberation.

He also gives a special thanks to the families of our fallen:

Sada: I want to bow in front of the parents of those who have lost their beloved one, and I want to tell them that I know it is difficult and tough, but it is worth it, and they should be proud of their daughters and sons killed in the war because they have liberated a country, liberated 27 million people, and that country is the country of father Abraham, and Daniel of Babylon, and Jonah of Nineveh.

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