Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chicago Takes Stand Against Immigration Bill.

If the great immigration debate now raging in Congress is decided in a way that turns illegal immigrants into criminals, Chicago Police officers and other city employees would not enforce it, the City Council decided Wednesday.

If Congress turns illegal immigrants into criminals!!! Damn it…where is my rubber brick!!! Only the liberal mindset that has taken over the city of Chicago would not be able to understand that illegal means against the law. In fact if you look up illegal in the dictionary you will find this: n. an alien who has entered a country illegally. Gee, would that make him a freakin criminal!!! Well not in Chicago I guess!!!

Oh, there is more.

Finance committee chairman Edward M. Burke had this to say: "The roundup and deportation
of undocumented workers in our country is neither fair nor intelligent. ... Our nation desperately needs an intelligent and humane policy of immigration. ... We cannot permit the resources of the City of Chicago to reflect the narrowness and punitive nature of present U.S. immigration law."

We have an intelligent and humane policy of immigration already. It is called legal immigration. It doesn’t exploit immigrants and force them to live in the harsh conditions in the shadows of society. It doesn’t rob them of the full American experience like illegal immigration does and it allows us to screen people before we allow a cesspool that drains the taxpayers of society.

Then we have a man by the name of Ricardo Meza, who is the head of something called the regional counsel for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, who testified in support of illegals says, “There is nothing in the proposed law that says you have to check someone's status before providing them with free city services and opportunities,"

Yeah, that's how you attract the best and the brightest! Become a magnet for a highly dependent group of illegals by making sure they will not be refused for a free ride on the gravy train. Then ask the Americans that live there to pay for the services they loot.

And the invasion continues…

Oh by the way, if you're a real American you can’t have a gun in the great socialist republic of Chicago either, well at least not legally anyways. Maybe, the police will not enforce gun laws that turn illegal gun owners into criminals, who where actually law abiding Americans before owning a gun. So if you live in Chicago, you can’t own a gun, the police are not going to enforce the laws…oh well, I am sure the illegal aliens will follow those laws. I mean since they have such a high respect for the laws of our land already…

I have one message for the citizens of Chicago… Good Luck.

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