Wednesday, March 29, 2006

US Could Wipe Out Iran Nuke Sites In 2 Days.

A former CIA operative says he believes the US could destroy all of Iran's nuclear capabilites sites in 2 days.

"We can take care of it in a couple of days with air strikes and they wouldn't be able to stop us," he added. "It wouldn't be difficult to plan. They'd be some dangers but I think the United States can do it." Berntsen, who left the CIA in June last year after more than 20 years of service, believes it will be difficult to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear program.

"I know the Iranians. I've worked against the Iranians for years. They are determined to get this no matter what, and they will lie and cheat and do whatever they have to do to get themselves a weapon," he said.

We are probably going to have to destroy 30 facilities in 30 locations. Or at least 15," he said.

Well lets get to it. What are we waiting on an invitation. That is one invitation I don't wan't.

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